Copper Creek - Couple hears screams, sees weird lights file# 00044


Date:March 2, 1996
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd



Description of event: Glen, and friends Larry and Katrina were camped near our Molalla site two years ago on March 2nd, (1996) but further down Copper Creek Road 5-6 miles. They were at an old gravel pit with a creek behind it, and next to the road. At 10-11 PM they heard a loud scream from down in the canyon, and later another closer scream. They were so scared that all stayed in the truck that night. At 2 AM, their dog, tied to a tree, went crazy and tried to get into the truck also. Then they heard 2 thuds, real close, like a limb breaking and hitting the ground. The next night they moved to a new locality at the end of a dead-end road nearby. This time they saw lights hovering over the trees and lighting them up. The lights, just above tree height, made no sounds.

Source: The Track Record #76
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