MRS - Bigfoot stares at campers file# 00045


Date:November 25, 1995
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd
pouring rain
an hour before dark


Description of event: 11/25/95: Steve Williams of Salem, OR interviewed Mark, who with his friend Chase, saw a Bigfoot 50-70 foot away at the Molalla River campground, south of Molalla, OR (1/4 mile east of Bee Ranch, at bridge, T7S R3E Sec. 14). At 3 PM, November 25th, 1995, about an hour before dark, it was pouring rain, and they were trying to keep warm at the campfire when the 6 1/2 foot, reddish-brown creature was noted staring at them from next to a tree. It stared curiously for several minutes, until Mark got up and approached it, then it turned and walked slowly away. He thought it might have been a juvenile, and described it as surprisingly thin except for the muscular shoulders. The head wasn't really pointy, and it had long stringy matted hair all over it, and over it's face. The informant described the creature as very human looking. While it was there, it didn't move at all, the only motion being the wind blowing the hair on it's arm. This is the area where a fellow, "Chet," who lives nearby, has been known to be leaving apples and cabbages and such for the creatures. Chet drove through the camp twice over the weekend. Steve has been actively visiting the area as a follow-up exercise, having spent several days there since the reported sighting.

Source: The Track Record #53
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