Frank K. finds skunk cabbage laid out to dry on Molalla River file# 00057


Date:June 14, 1995
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd




Description of event: Ray Crowe states: Ever since I've been studying the Bigfoot phenomenon four years ago, I've heard reports that Bigfoot eats skunk cabbage, Lyschitum americanum. When in the field near Molalla and Estacada, I examined several skunk cabbages, but found no signs of harvesting or consumption, except by insects. But, until recently, I had no evidence to confirm that Bigfoot, or anything else utilized this resource (Bill Harper said that bears eat this in the spring to clear the fecal plug). Recently Frank Kaneaster, Director of Bigfoot Headquarters, Colton, OR, mailed in several photos of skunk cabbage leaf stalks that had been freshly broken off at the base, and arranged, as if for drying, across small six inch logs. Found and photographed near Molalla, OR, June 14th, 1995, the photos indicate that something was utilizing these plants. Although the photos are dark, I'll run them anyway as an official record.

Source: The Track Record #52
record updated:2002-06-11 00:00:00