SE of Estacada Suspicious odor report file# 00058


Date:June 9, 1995
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
FS 4661

afternoon, night


Description of event: Laurine Davis and her daughter were wood cutting with father Dan, on road #4661, T6S R8E, SE of Estacada, OR, when they thought they might have smelled a Bigfoot, Friday, June 9th. Dan was 50 feet away cutting wood and didn't notice anything. Diane said to mom, "do you smell that?" It was just
like a potent cloud in the air that passed in the wind, and lasted for 2-3
seconds (This is what Henry Franzoni and Pam Barrett noticed near Skookum
Lake), Laurine said. They never saw anything, and mentioned it was about 4
PM. Later that night, about 1 AM, it came back, smelling pretty
something dead, or manure. The dogs didn't do anything, even though they
awoke to the noise of fir needles falling on the truck. It was 18 miles to
Ripplebrook Ranger Station, and 32 miles to Detroit, OR.

Source: The Track Record #48
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