Skookum Lake Campers see large black BF with glowing yellow eyes file# 00059


Date:May 22, 1995
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:

Snow on ground
pre-dawn hours


Description of event: Anonymous caller. He and two friends were camping at Skookum (Indian word for Bigfoot) Lake, in the Cascades 20 air miles SSE of Estacada, OR, (T6S R5E, Sec. 35) for several days. They had been catching crawfish, having driven there in the snow. Past the lake the road was impassable to their 4-wheel drive. Later at night, in the early hours of Monday, May 22, 1995, he kept hearing the breaking of branches, and eventually turned a powerful flashlight toward the noise. There, only about 150 feet away, was a Bigfoot. It had been side-stepping down a slope, was about 7 feet, had glowing yellow eyes in the light, was black, but the head and shoulders were much lighter colored. It stayed in that position for 45 minutes, about 2:45 until 3:30 AM, and didn't leave, even when he called his buddies to come and look. He went back two days later with some plaster and found one partial track not in the snow, and casted it, the large toe showing plainly on the 21 inch track, he said. Along the trail he also found two hand-sized droppings, wrapped in a sort of silky membrane (mold?), he said. He plans to bring the track and droppings around to the book shop for examination. A large finger or toe print was found on his 1977 dark green ford next to a dent. He'll lift the print with tape after blowing flour across it, and bring it also. He'll try and get a friend to take a close-up photo first though.

Source: The Track Record #47
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