MRS - Man sees Bigfoot in camp late at night, heard rock on rock tapping file# 00061


Date:May 13, 1995
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Molalla River Rd



Description of event: Ed Riddle reported that on a Saturday night, May 13th, he was camping on the Molalla River, 20 miles south of Molalla, OR, and saw a Bigfoot. Companion Mark had caught a salmon earlier in the day (relevant?). When Ed awoke at night, disturbed by something, he looked out the window of the camper and saw a Bigfoot in the light of the lantern, left burning on purpose. All he saw of the creature before it left was its back, which he said was black and oily-shiny. Again, later that night, Ed stuck is head out the window and heard a slow tap-tap-tap of rocks on rocks. Fifteen minutes later he heard three fast taps come from a different direction. Ed wonders if it might be mating season for Bigfoot in that area?

Source: The Track Record #47
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