Bagby Hot Springs trail Footprints seen in deep snow file# 00062


Date:November , 1994
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:

deepsnow on ground



Description of event: Lori V. and her husband were hiking to Bagby Hot Springs, OR, (T7S R5E Sec. 23, Elv. 2372 ft.) the end of November, 1994. Lori noticed barefoot tracks on the trail in the deep snow (but the snow was well packed on the trail). She said the large tracks, guessed at 14-16 in. long and 6-8 inches at the ball, with a long stride, had good imprints of the large toe, but the smaller toes were almost absent. Generally the tracks went in a straight line up the trail, but in some cases, crossed back across the trail, as if the creature had doubled back. There were no claw marks and it appeared to be only one creature. She never mentioned them to her husband, and he, a skeptic, never mentioned them either.

Source: The Track Record #43
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