Wildcat Mountain Frank K. Finds large tracks while bowhunting

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Date:September 11, 1993
Clackamas county, OR
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Description of event: Frank Kaneaster JR., report from 12/20/94. The Bigfoot Headquarters. Frank went bow hunting with his wife Sept. 11, 1993, on Wildcat Mountain, north of Estacada, OR, on an old logging road (T3S R6E). We spotted an old log in the road which had been there before, but this time the bark was torn off. Found several tracks around it that measured 22 X 10 inches. We checked out the area thoroughly then went back to pick up a field research kit. Two tracks were plastered and the log closely examined. At this time we noticed that we weren't alone. We had a Bigfoot watching us, and he was watching us from different angles. It was getting dark and we thought it wouldn't be safe to stay longer, so headed home. Went back in the morning, but by then it had rained really hard and the prints were gone.

Source: The Track Record #43
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