Timothy Lake 50' of tracks found at channel near lake

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Date: , 1993
Clackamas county, OR
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Description of event: e other time, in 1993, near Timothy Lake, OR (T5S R 8 1/2E), the two cousins were exploring a channel on the back (NE) side of the lake. They were about 10 feet off the trail and were looking for bear signs (armed only with a .22), which they found, besides a log that was torn up. Made approximately at the same time though, were fifty feet of human-like tracks, striding 8 foot between steps (didn't know length). I asked if the thing could have been stalking the bear, but they weren't sure. They did return to camp and get their uncle to come and look at the tracks. He also thought a Bigfoot might have made the footprints.

Source: The Track Record #48
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