Sandy River Man sees 3 1/2' tall creature with red eyes file# 00074


Date: , 1992
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Coleman Rd




Description of event: Tom Olson tells of a friend's encounter with Littlefoot while fishing in the fall of 1992. He was on the Sandy River, east of the town of Sandy, OR, and off Coleman Road (T2S R5E), where he lived, just 500 feet from the river.. While he was kneeling and working on his fishing gear along a rocky sandbar, he was alerted to a noise twenty feet away in the trees. Looking up, he saw a very short, 3 1/2 foot tall, hairy creature staring at him. The eyes were the most prominent feature, and they were red. There was no distinct face as the creatures face and body was covered with black-brown shaggy fur. The creature growled at him and he took off.The witness found the area strange, in that he found the remains of a fish, probably a steelhead, the skeleton and head remaining on a rock (any other animal would have eaten the whole thing). It had been picked clean. Also, the remains of a mallard duck were found. All the feathers had been picked off and were in a neat pile, and the bitten off head was on another nearby rock.

Source: The Track Record #41
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