Mt. Hood/Govt. Camp Sledders see BF standing in road, possibly pregnant, next day found 4 miles of tracks file# 00075


Date:January 1, 1992
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Government Camp
Nearest road:
Hwy 26

Early morning
6-7 miles from Govt Camp


Description of event: January 1st, 1992 in the early morning. The husband (another Bud) and wife were returning to Sandy from sledding at Mt. Hood, and were about 6-7 miles from Government Camp, Or. As they were coming around a curve they saw something standing In the foot deep snow near the creek. Bud stopped to look, even walked over. The thing gave him a "bug off" look he said, then \r\ncrossed the road and ran up a bank. He watched it a total of 3-4 minutes. \r\nThe thing was described as 7-8 feet tall and having huge thighs and a really \r\nbig waist...maybe pregnant. There were really long arms that hung down and \r\nit didn''t have any hair on its face. The face was a light leather color, but \r\nthe rest was covered with dark reddish-black hair with chocolate patches \r\nmixed in, 2-3 inches long on the body, and 4 inches lone on the head.\r\n\r\nScott said he and another group of people from Salem went up on the 2nd to \r\nsee what they could find. One fellow tracked the Bigfoot for 4-5 miles \r\nthrough the often four foot deep snow, then finally gave up and returned. \r\nPictures were taken of the string of footprints in the snow.

Source: The Track Record #11
record updated:2002-07-09 00:00:00