Troon Dr., West Linn Couple hears what sounds like a woman screaming file# 00081


Date:June 20, 1987
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
West Linn
Nearest road:
Troon Dr



Description of event: On Troon Drive (Located South of Village proper on hill overlooking approx. Marlyhurst College.)


OBSERVED: Screams or yells. A year later, these were confirmed by another person who had a related Bigfoot Experience.The evening was warm, and my wife and I were just going to sleep.This is a new construction development of homes, and ours was one of the lst completed. We had lived there approx. 2 weeks. Bedroom windows were open. I heard what I thought was a woman's scream. It would start very low and then would build louder and louder and then quiet down. Pheonetically it sounded like: aaaaaAAAAAAAHHHHHHUUUUUURRRrrrrrrrr. It was repeateed over and over at the same tones, sometimes punctuated with ah. ah.ah. My wife said it sound like moaning. The area that this sound was coming from was in a Culdesac below the house. The circle was just paved and a couple of houses were already under construction. The area had already been discovered by the high school crowd as a prime "make-out" location, and my first thoughts were that "Some sweet little gal is gotten herself into more than she can handle!" I jumped into pants and slip-ons, and told the Wife to call the Police. I ran down to the culdesac (approx. 200 yards, and The Sound was now clearer. There were no cars, and no teenagers. It seeemed to be coming from an area of greenbelt heavy in brush, blackberry bushes and Douglas Firs. The screams stopped after about 4 to 5 mintues. The Police arrived, and I told them about the screams, and they flashed some lights around, and said they'd "check it out". I went back to bed and forgot about the incident...That is, until the Bigfoot reports started coming in from the Wallowas/Blue Mountains over on the Eastern Washington-Oregon border.

OTHER WITNESSES: Wife was also present.

Source: BFRO
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