near ZigZag Woman sees BF washing its hand, reports a telepathic encounter file# 00082


Date: , 1984
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
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Description of event: Lynda Kennedy in the summer of 1984 went tent camping near Mt. Hood for a week. She isn' sure, but thinks it was around Zigzag, OR. Feeling grubby after several days of camping she went to the shallow creek to take a bath in a small pool. The sun had set and the last of the light was about gone about 8:30 when she felt something watching her. Glancing up, she saw a silhouette in the twilight, crouched down with its hands in the water, like it was washing them. It looked up, and I saw her and she saw me. At first I was afraid it was a bear, and my glasses were off. All of a sudden I heard in my head, almost like somebody was saying it, "I'm not gonna' hurt
you...and you're not gonna hurt me." Reaching for her nearby glasses to get
a better look, when she turned back it had ran off into the bushes. Lynda
said it was dark brown with 4 1/2 inch hair all over. she didn't see
anything in it's hands, it was just 'cleaning it self...washing her hands.'
Asked again about the "message," Lynda said, the "answer was in my
mind...gonna go our separate ways."

Source: The Track Record #11
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