near Colton Woman sees Bigfoot standing on hill near home, tracks of three individuals are found at another residence file# 00084


Date: , 1982 -ish
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
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Description of event: (Name withheld at request) lived out near Colton, Oregon, on a farm/ranch, about 5 miles out of town. It was in the Fall, about 10 years ago. The doberman was making some racket just about dark and she and her son went out to see what it was. As the 'raunchy smell' hit her, she noticed on
top of the hill behind the house a Bigfoot...iust standing there, not more
than 75 yards away. Not particularly scared as the thing was up the hill,
her first reaction was to shout at the thing, and it went lumbering away,
awkward 'like his knees never straightened ,' but he still took large
strides. The dobie dog headed for the house with its little dobie tail
trying to get between his legs. He was a big stocky male she said, 500# and
maybe 7 feet tall. All he did was just stand there looking at us, the only
noise maybe a 'grunting' sound.

A few days later at her mother-in-law's place on the edge of Colton, there
were Bigfoot tracks in the new snow across the creek from their trailer
home. They were of three individuals, a larger, a medium, and a small set.
Measurements weren't taken.

Source: The Track Record #10
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