Clear Creek Campground Bigfoot throws tantrum, scaring campers file# 00086


Date: , 1980
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:

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middle of the night


Description of event: Stacy Cooper was camping at Clear Creek Campground near Mt. Hood, Or., about 12 years ago when Bigfoot came into their camp in the middle of the nignt. They shined their flashlights on the thing, and perhaps this critter had a short string, as the BF threw a fit, pulling up little trees and throwing them across the creek at them, and yelling a low to high pitched scream. They could only glimpse it with the lights at about 100 yards away Stacy said. There were 6 witnesses and they estimated it at 8 feet tall. The next day they tracked the creature for a mile until the tracks finally were lost on a rocky shelf that it had climbed. The human shaped tracks were 17 inches long. A nearby clear-cut at McSovens Gulch had tracks also, and it was full of place for a barefoot hoaxer. Stacy also said his oldest brother had seen BF run accross the Barlow Road near Pine Grove on the east slope of the Cascades.

Source: The Track Record #12
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