near Carver - Men driving to Estacada see BF on road file# 00088


Date:May , 1978
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
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Description of event: As reported to the GCBRO:

My roomate and I were driving to Estacada for pie and coffee. I saw a reflection what appeared to be eyes along side of the road between the road and river then as I we came closer (driving) I saw what appeared to be a human like head, shoulders and forearms behind a tree above a horizontal tree limb. It startled me because I had never seen anything like that before. We drove for another mile or so and neither of us said a word, finally I said " Kevin did you see something back there" he said yes. I asked him what he saw and described to me what I just wrote. The next day we went back to the site to see if maybe we could figure anything out. That limb was about 7 feet above the ground. It was dry and didn't see any tracks. Across the hwy. there was a swamp with a cliff behind it and timber and farms beyond that. There was a game trail diagonally from the hwy to the river which is about 75 feet away. That's all.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): We were just sitting in my car driving along when we both saw the eyes at first then the body behind the limb.

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: It must have been around 10 foot tall judging by the limb we saw it behind. Dark brown in color, short neck, wide body compared to me. (6 ft 4in. 240lb).

OTHER NOTES: None that I can think of. I never really believed in sasquatch before that but think it probable now.

OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?: A friend of ours was walking home one night about 3-6 months before when he said he saw a creature on Gronlund Rd which is near Carver Oregon. His name is Glen. It was late at night also, he said he ran the rest of the way home.


My roommate and I were driving along Hwy 224 between Carver and Barton at approximately 10pm when I saw a pair of eyes reflecting in the darkness on the river side of the road. We frequently went to Estacada at night to visit a friend who was working at the Safari Club.(We lived across from Rock Creek Sand and Gravel at the time and I had lived in the immediate area all my life). As we got closer to the reflection I could see a creature standing near the road behind some maple limbs. At first when I saw the eyes I thought it was an owl. When we went by it I saw a creature from approximately chest to top of head with limbs obscuring the lower body. The color was very dark brown, it's arms at its sides, it just stood there loking as we drove by. I didn't say anything for a mile or so then asked my roommate if he had seen something along the hwy, he answered yes and I asked him what he saw. He told me the same as what I saw. We went back the next day in daylight to check and see if it was possible it could have been real. There were no clear tracks but there was definitely a trail crossing the hwy to the river from a swamp and bluff. on top of the bluff it would have been somewhere between Damascus and Boring. The limb that we saw the creature behind was about six and a half feet tall.

Two or three years earlier a friend of ours who lived on Gronlund rd. was scared by a "creature" while he was walking home late at night. He saw it somewhere between Carver bridge and Bakers cabin. Anyway he said it scared the hell out of him and ran the rest of the way home.
I never used to believe in hairy people before I saw it myself. I would like to see one again.

ALSO NOTICED: What caught both our attentions were the eye reflection as we are both hunters and outdoor(woods) people.

OTHER WITNESSES: 1 witness, the passenger in my vehicle a 1957 chevrolet.

OTHER STORIES: Just as I mentioned before. Heard about someone (name omitted by investigator) seeing one in Carver late at night. Seems like it was in late fall maybe late October 2-3 years earlier.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Clear, dry, dark, warm(60's)10-11 pm. Late summer, leaves hadn't turned yet.

ENVIRONMENT: Heading toward Estacada the Clackamas river is on the right. The swamp or marshy area on the left diagonally if I remember correctly and cliff or bluff behind swamp.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Alicia Bateman:

When I spoke with him, the witness felt that the sighting occurred slightly closer to Carver than to Barton. The sasquatch was standing on the river side of the road, the right side. The witness remembers the animal's eye shine as yellowish in color. He estimated its height as somewhere between eight and nine feet, based in how much of the animal was visible when they drove by, in comparison with the surrounding area when he and his roommate went back to check the next day.

Source: GCBRO / BFRO
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