Coupland Rd. near Estacada Man describes boyhood experiences with local creature file# 00095


Date:August , 1973
Clackamas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Coupland Rd

early morning


Description of event: Woody brought a friend with him, Tim Hayward (who helped with the elk noises), a logger, from Estacada, OR, that had some Bigfoot experiences as a child. He lived (T3S R4E) out Coupland Road from Estacada, near the airport in a trailer house. The family raised pigs (stock was never bothered) and one summer in August 1974, ten years old Tim and brothers went out in the morning (6:30-7 AM) to play. 60-70 yards away, something, a black shape, lay under the wide hay trailer where it had pulled down hay for a bed. It looked up when it heard playing noises, and was never more than, "just a black
form." He thought it was a bear and ran for dad who didn't believe him. Six
months later while playing hide-and-seek, near the fruit cellar down a skid
trail, a big black thing went up and over the bank. His mother, also about
that time, noticed late at night something 7-8 foot tall at their window
where she had looked to see why the dogs were barking. There was an outside
light and something big moved away from the window when she looked. When Tim
was 13, he was shooting rats one night at 1 AM, and heard the hounds
barking, and then they hid under the trailer when there was another very
loud scream...more of an inhale noise rather than an exhale sound. It
screamed twice more, and Tim ran for the barn, then to the house.

Source: The Track Record #43
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