Clackamas River area - Glenn Thomas studied two female Bigfeet while they slept and ate file# 00101


Date:November , 1968
Clackamas county, OR
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Description of event: From John Green's, Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us, p. 425-426:

"Using binoculars at a distance of less than 200 yards, he found himself look at two Saquatches sleeping out in the open, with their backs to the sky and their knees and elbows drawn in under their bodies. He settles down for a long vigil, and they slept for about an hour, with very little movement, then one got up and then the other. They went to a creek a few feet away and began pulling up and eating water plants. Both were obviously females, with more pendulous breasts than the ones he had seen before, and one appeared to have a swelling in the genital region and kept rubbing itself. It also gave an occasional loud call, which he describes in a computer interview as "like a scream in an echo chamber". He also saw one defecate in the creek. it stepped up on a wide, low stump that was in the water, "Bent forward about 45 degrees with its knees slightly bent and let fly." It then wiped itself with one hand, and licked the hand briefly.

After feeding for about half an hour, working their way up the creek from him, they lay down again in a new location for about an hour, then both got up and crossed the road. The female with the swelling climbed a few feet up in a dead yew tree and wailed, then both moved off into the timber above the road.

He estimated them to be only about six feet high, but very heavy. They were both dark brown, covered with shaggy, dirty hair. When they lay down they did not seek shelter, although there were trees nearby, and at one time there was snow falling. After they left, the observer went home. He said he was 'too spooked' to go over where they had been.

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