Bergsvik Creek Fish Hatchery - Witnesses see amber glowing eyes and smell a file# 00120


Date:February 6, 1993
Clatsop county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:
Hwy 26
day after wind storm


Description of event: Scott's last sighting was February 6th, 1993 in the same area, and he had some witnesses..Jennifer, Chris, Don and his own girl friend all saw the amber glowing eyes in the headlights. They were at the dump near and to the east of the Bergsvik Creek fish hatchery (does Bigfoot scoop fish from hatcheries?), south of Necanicum Junction off Hy. 26, and the day before there was a big storm, winds up to 80 miles an hour, so they had to drive slow as there were broken limbs in the road. It was dusk, and they were about 150 yards from the dump when Bigfoot walked behind the car. Scott could see him clearly with the backup lights, and it looked like the same one he had seen before, as he recognized the grey colors. The next day they brought up a cop with his German shepard dog, but the dog wouldn t get out of the truck. There was a "dead smell" in the air.

Source: The Track Record #11
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