Near Powers - Large Blue-Grey Bigfoot Seen file# 00132


Date:October 15, 1974
Coos county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Agness/Goldbeach Hwy



Description of event: My friend and I were driving to Powers from Goldbeach on a little used road called the Agness/Goldbeach Hwy. It was a short cut thru the woods. Our car broke down about 5 miles or so from Powers and we walked out (ran) of the woods into Powers where we were able to call a tow truck and some other transportation so we could go back to Goldbeach. We didn't have much time left by the time we got to town. My wife came and picked us up with our 4 wheel drive Blazer and we proceeded to drive back to Goldbeach at about 1:30 in the morning. While walking out of the woods my friend and I kept hearing what sounded like something in the brush along side the road, we would stop to listen and it would be silent, we were glad when we reached Powers. Anyway while driving back with aircraft landing lights on our Blazer we saw a blue eyed, smokey bluish grey, real big thing standing in the ditch along side the road. We all saw the eyes first, I guess the bright light reflecting off them. I will never forget the long smoke colored hair changing as the wind would blow it around, and the blue eyes. We discussed turning around and looking at this thing again but thought better of it. People who live in that part of the world believe what we said about what we saw. Now days I know what I saw and don't care what anyone else may think it is not important to me.

ACTIVITIES OF WITNESS(ES): We had just completed a long, long walk out of the woods, no drugs, alcohol or anything that would cloud our judgement

DESCRIPTION OF CREATURE: I know it wasn't Hulk Hogan in a monkey suit, but about that size or a little larger. Most noticable was the blue eyes, or what appeared to be blue and the smokey blueish grey color, you could almost say that it was very pretty. Not scary like the drawing posted at this web site, strange that none of us felt any fear at all. This thing was standing very still along side the road, we were sitting in a full size 4 wheel drive and were looking at this thing straight in the eye, remember the ditch was about 3 feet deep or more that "he" was standing in. I have driven the back roads in this part of the world and at times thought I saw things that were a little strange, you didn't have to think about this one it was right there in plain sight.

OTHER NOTES: We saw other animals during our walk, small bears, bobcats, squirrls etc. before it got dark on us.

OTHER SIGHTINGS IN THIS AREA?: Since that time we have heard of sightings before and after ours.

Source: GCBRO
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