Near Brookings Two hikers both hear strange sounds in a creek culvert, investigate to see two ape-like creatures sitting at far end of culvert file# 00138


Date:March 17, 2001
Curry county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 101

I do not wish to divulge any more specific details.


Description of event: At sunset on March 17, 2001, my friend & I were hiking along a creek/log-jam when we heard what sounded like a strange sort of singing in a culvert. My friend quickly approached the culvert and urged me to join him immediately. There at the far end of the culvert were 2 ape-like creatures with glowing eyes. I believe this was my first Bigfoot sighting. The singing continued, despite our intrusion. The creatures did not move toward us, and we left in a hurry so as not to disturb them.

ALSO NOTICED: This is a very isolated area, very few people around. It had been raining all day.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2--taking a leisurely hike

OTHER STORIES: NoTIME AND CONDITIONS: Almost sunset, fairly clear. It had just stopped raining.

ENVIRONMENT: In a wet culvert, by a deep creek, surrounded by trees, near the ocean.

Follow-up investigation report:I telephoned the observers on 20Jul2001 soon after this report came to the BFRO. We talked at length for more than a half hour. After hearing the diatonic sounds coming from a large culvert the two hikers climbed down to peer through the culvert to see the silhouettes of two creatures crouched or sitting at the far end. These creatures were close together gently swaying and humming (singing) a diatonic type of moan. The culvert with incoming light was too dark to determine facial or body details. Two distinct silhouettes of ape-like animals were seen by both observers before making a hasty retreat. This encounter appears to this investigator to be valid and real. The observation gives a unique insight into interspecific vocal interactions plus the fact that sasquatch spends time within or under human-built structures.

Source: BFRO
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