Chetco River - Man is charged by something in the brush file# 00139


Date:August , 1994
Curry county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:



18 m NE of Brookings


Description of event: Bruce Hoffman commented on a possible Bigfoot confrontation he had while on vacation. On the Chetco River about 18 miles NE of Brookings, OR, during the end of August, when he was prospecting for gold (yes, he found a vein). He was exploring the area by driving the many dirt roads, and stopped at one place to let the car engine cool. The brush was very thick, and you could only see about 15 feet into the very dry and steep slope. All of a sudden something charged him in the brush, then stopped before he could see what it was. He could hear it moving around in the brush about 35 feet away, and spooked, he took his magnum gun from the trunk saying, "I'm ready for you."
Nothing further happened after the original 3-4 minute confrontation. We
discussed the possibility of another animal...bear or elk, and it was not

Source: The Track Record #41
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