Sixes River - Orange glowing eyes, strange sounds and disturbed vegetation described file# 00144


Date: , 1974
Curry county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:
Hwy 101

12 miles from 101 on the Sixes River


Description of event: Reggie DuBois, 21 years ago, was at a defunct gold claim 12 miles from Hy. 101, in the National Forest on the Sixes River, OR. At night they heard noises, saw eye flashes - orangish, and squeaking of trees where the eyes were. Strange crying noises, like alders squeaking in the wind, and coming from a thick alder stand. Across from the gold site at night they heard a lot of noise, like a car wreck in the woods. The next day, a clump of vine maple with a five-foot rood wad had been pulled and set sidewise, almost as if to straighten the curve in the game trail. Fresh dirt indicated it had been freshly pulled. The three of them couldn't move the root wad.

Source: The Track Record #49
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