6 miles S of Bend - Fresh tracks, 8-10 of them, found in snow on road

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Date:January 10, 1998
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 97
snow on ground

6 miels south of Bend


Description of event: Investigator Dave Byrd, called in a track report from Bend, Oregon. Ron Maple, 53 years old, had contacted him. Ron lives 1/3 mile west of Hy. 97 on the frontage road, six miles south of Bend, OR. His property is next to the National Forest land, where he found 8-10 tracks in three inches of snow (he ran over two tracks in truck) leading from the brush, heading north, which then crossed the road at an angle and up the embankment onto the railroad tracks (Bend- Klamath Falls north-south section). This was January 10th at 2:30 PM, and the tracks appeared to be 8-10 hours old.The tracks were described as about 21 inches long, seven inches wide, and tracks appeared to be 8-10 hours old.

The tracks were described as about 21 inches long, seven inches wide, and
"stovepiped" into the snow (no drag marks). The stride appeared to be about
48-50 inches. Fourteen photos were taken, the quality not good due to
perspective and the snow. At Dave Bird's suggestion, three baggies of
possible hair were collected near the site (being forwarded for analysis). A
friend, Bob, was called, and took video shots of the tracks. Ron was aware
of Bigfoot, having been involved in the shooting of a bear many years ago in
the Roseburg, OR, area. The bear stood up and ran on its hind legs.

Ron mentioned the tracks to his Moose Lodge friends the next day, and had
another neighbor report seeing tracks. The three, Ron, Bob and Byron
Lewellen, with investigator Barbara Wasson-Butler met that Sunday to see the
photos and tracks. Barbara said she wasn't impressed with the photos. The
tracks are no longer there. and that's all.

Source: The Track Record #73
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