5 Miles north of LaPine - Man and son see BF standing in the middle of the road

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Date:September 4, 1998
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:
La Pine
Nearest road:
Hwy 97 area

early morning


Description of event: November 12th I had a call from Eric Mason of KOIN TV News, Portland Ch. 6. He had been contacted by Dan Thorp of Scio, OR , who had a Bigfoot sighting with his son on the opening day of hunting season, Sept. 4th, near LaPine, OR. It was early in the morning and he was on a road when he noted the creature standing in the middle of the road 100 feet away. It stared at him curiously, then started shaking its arms and fists at him (Thorp thought that might be a sign of intelligence). He glanced away, and when he looked back, the creature was gone (there was a lot of three foot high grass, and it might have dived behind a berm). The sun was behind the creature, so he only saw the silhouette (no facial features), but described it as about 7 foot tall, with a "great big chest" and long arms, and covered with 6 or 7 inch hair (color unknown). It was said that the creature had a 5 inch long neck (!), and a roundish head. There was also a horrible smell associated with the sighting.

The Deschutes National Forest in this area is covered with lodgepole pine trees with little brush or ground clutter. Thorp works for the Public Works Department in Salem, and is 47 years old. The incident was covered on the 6 PM news, Wednesday, Nov. 12th, (also at 11 PM on channel 49, FOX KPDX). Dean Baron, camera man, came to my home to film my impressions.

WBS investigator Steve Williams of Salem was notified for a follow-up report. He said he thought he knew the person. Steve talked to Dan and found the site to be five miles north of LaPine, then at the turnoff to Wickiup Lake go west from HWY 97, and just past the Little Deschutes River bridge turn left, go 2-3 miles; then turn at the next left, then the next right; at crest of hill right again a short distance to a clearing on the left; this is where he saw creature standing in the middle of road (had commented on turning off on FS road #44, but Steve doesn't know if that's the turn off the highway 97 or not).

Additional info. Dan said creature held fists in air over head and shook them at him. Don't know how creature disappeared so fast...wood was 40-50 feet from clearing. The day before they had shot a deer at the site. Son, 14, said had heard a beating of wood on wood that day also, same site. Dan had first called state police before a radio station. Asked state police, "what do I do if I shoot a Bigfoot?" Police said, "only shoot if it attacks...otherwise, contact Fish and Game and get a permit." Fish and Game was called...never heard of permit, but did say if you shoot one, it belongs to the state.

Source: The Track Record #73
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