near Paulina Peak - Woman hears scream, Forest Rangers show her a cast of a track file# 00167


Date: , 1987
Deschutes county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:


pre-dawn hours


Description of event: Kurt Wagoner reports talking to a lady in Bend, OR, that had been camping near Paulina Peak, 7897 ft., OR (T12S R21S), along a game trail, eight years ago. In the early morning hours there was a terrific scream. She told some Forest Service rangers (Deschutes National Forest), who showed her a plaster Bigfoot track from a creature that had been seen crossing a road by two rangers, and told her, "this is probably the creature you heard." Kurt tried
to track this lead down, but the ranger had retired (he had the name), but
the Forest Service people weren't giving out any info.

Source: The Track Record #47
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