Near Green Lake 12 year old boy sees dark form drinking from lake, walks into trees file# 00169


Date:June , 1981
Deschutes county, OR
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Description of event: I can give you the info about what I have seen, but it was 21 years ago so a few things are hard to get specific about.Now when this happened to me keep in mind I was only 12 and it was 1981. I think I told Joe that it happened in 1982, but I got to thinking about it and the math did not make sense, I got my old boy scout stuff out and got a more specific date for you it was June 1981 and my scout troop went on a backpacking trip in the Three Sisters wilderness area. We went to a place called Green Lakes about eight and a half miles in. It was a rough hike because the trail was all chopped up from horses. We set up camp in a meadow right at the edge of one of the lakes. This area is right at the base of one of the Three Sisters Mts. There were still small glaciers in the area, but it was warm out and the sun was shining. We went about doing our usual scout stuff, fishing and roaming around. The first night went by without any thing out of the ordinary happening. As I recall we did not build a fire because the fire danger was high. We cooked our food on fold up sterno stoves. In the middle of the second night I had to get up to relieve my blatter and did so. The moon was full and it lit the meadow up reasonably well. When I turned to get back into the tent I saw a large dark creature crouched down drinking from the lake. At least I thik it was drinking. It was about 125 to 150 yds away. I froze and couldn't move, I think I may have crapped my pants as I remember, it turned and ran very fast into the tree line. At first when I saw it I thought it was a bear, but when it ran it was on two feet and slightly bent over looking. As soon as it was out of sight I somehow regained my control of body movement and jumped into my tent and hid in my sleeping bag. I did not sleep for the rest of the night. The next day I snuck away from the rest of the guys and went to the spot where I had seen it. The grass was mashed down and there was no tracks, I could not smash the grass as flat by walking on it, so it must have weighed a lot. When I told the other boys about it they said I made it all up and smashed the grass dow n myself just to try to scare them and told me I was a baby and needed to go change my underwear. That was the last day of our trip and we packed up and left. I made sure that I was in the middle of the group and figured I would be safe if any thing was going to follow us out. I never went on any more of the troops hike in outings after that, only tailgate outings. When we got back to town my scout master at the time a forest service employee, pulled me aside and told me that he had seen some things in nature that could not be explained and that it was better left that way. I had not shared this with any one else since, until I found Joe Etterlings web site. I have forced my self to relive this expeirience so that I could try to get more detailed for you. There are a few things I dont understand though, I did not smell any thing bad or hear any strange sounds. I belive this creature was drinking from the water withits face not its hands and at that distance I could not even tell if it had hands.

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