Three Sisters Wilderness - Boy gets out of car to relieve himself, sees tracks file# 00172


Date: , 1975 or 1976
Deschutes county, OR
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Description of event: I was going from Eugene to Bend VIA the 3 Sisters Mountain Range around the same year and only 3-5 months after my sighting. I had to take a leak. We stopped in the middle of know where and I got out to go. As I was in the process of releaving myself, I noticed what seemed to be bare foot prints leading from the road into the woods. I didn't even finish. I got scared and jumped in the front seat with my Mom and step-brother and told them to get the hell outta here and that I had just seen a bigfoot track. Well, we didn't go but we got back out and looked at them for a few minutes, then left. 3 Sisters prints were the size of an adult man, not as big as most tracks I have read about. The prints I had seen for myself was in the same year about 3-4 months after my sighting. We were travelling from Eugene back to Canyon City heading east and after we left Eugene we headed through the Three Sisters Mountain Range. It was somewhere up fairly high in elevation and not quite over the top yet because it was really wet and cloudy or foggy at that point. The clearer weather always seemed to be better on the east side of the Cascades.So I am sure we were on the west side going up still. The prints were in the soft sand beside the road and going almost at a 90degree angle straight into the thick woods, as they came from the woods across the road as well at a 90 degree angle to the road. Pretty straight shot from one wood to the other. They were well defined in the sand as I could see five toes a heel and ball on each foot. It was a man size foot and not really that wide. They seemed narrow like a mans foot would be. You could see that it did not stop and look around. All the strides and foot prints were equal and without the tail of sand from running or fleeing. The prints were in perfect condition. It seemed the tracks were set in deeper than my mother at 115 lbs. and step brother at 165 lbs. could make in the same sand as they walked around. The bigfoot was definately heavier. My mother told me of the prints she seen out side of Eugene some where on the same highway coming from Eugene. She too had stopped to tinkle before they had left town and civilization. She said she remembers large tracks in the soft wet grass and that she saw the grass pop back up like it had just stood there moments before.

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