near Sutherlin - Men trimming powerline area see BF file# 00180


Date:May , 1999
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:


early morning


Description of event: Sighting in May of 1999 near sutherlin, Oregon.

Activites of person(s) at the time of sighting:
it was about 7a.m. and i was walking across a powerline right of way we were trimming.

What was observed:
down the line about a 1/4 mile away on a hill stood something very tall. it was standing by a power pole so i would say it was 8-9 feet tall. it was on two legs and was dark in color.

it was i think may and clear

Other related reports in area:
down the road there is a man who found tracks an the hill. we were about 2 miles from any roads or houses.

Additional comments:
i was with 3 others,2 of them didnt believe in big foot. they knew it wasnt a bear because it took very big steps out of the right of way.we cant really explain what we saw but i know what it was.

Source: Sasquatch Information Society
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