Wolfe Creek Job Corps Center - Teen sees creature splashing in creek, smells

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Date: , 1987
Douglas county, OR
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Description of event: I was in a program that I entered in the year of 1987 called the Job Corp. and was near Roseburg Oregon. One afternoon [about 3 p.m. - ed], after working on painting a side of the buildings and my arms feeling quite sore from the same movement of painting, I decided to take a walk alone to the creek that was a few meters away from the Camp location. I guess I just needed to take some time away from everyone there. I had many thoughts of the day and mostly the future days I would be spending there. During the first part of the walk nothing was very eventful. I never noticed anything unusual. But when I reached the creek and started find a good place to sit down, I noticed a very foul stench coming of the bend and to the other side of the creek. I thought a skunk had came by so I decided to move a little further down the bank. Well, I didn't notice at first because I was trying not to fall in to the water, but on the other side of the creek their was a huge animal splashing water around. It didn't see me at first but I think that it didn't seem to care. I know that there was no fish in the creek because I was told that there wasn't by a person at the camp. I really wasn't sure what it was doing. I thought it was a huge bear but I told as well that there was no bears in this area. I stood there in between two tree trunks that it did notice me and started to walk into the water. I decided this was a good time to leave and ran out and back on the trail. I was not sure if this creature was behind me or not. I was afraid to look back. I told a few people at the camp what I saw...as usual no one believed me. So I decided to bring a camera with me everywhere I went hoping that I would capture it on film. Unfortunately, I never seen it after that.I would like to mention that it was dark brown, maybe due to that it was wet. It smelled musky or more than just that. I can't really say in exactly the right words. It was over seven feet tall. When it entered the water in splashed it so much that if a elephant or something like it was wading in the water. This happened when I was seventeen years old. I am thirty-three now and when this event took place I left Oregon all together.

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