Green Mt. east of Drain - Men hear scream, something charges, smell something bad file# 00185


Date: , 1982
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:
Hwy 38



Description of event: Steve Fuller was in a bar in Yoncalla, OR, in June or July, 1982, when he heard a tale of a Bigfoot in the mountains. He decided to investigate with a friend, Dave, and they went to Green Mountain (1385 ft.), east of Drain (T22S R5W). They went up the right fork up the very steep hill, into very heavy timber in the watershed. There was a full moon and it was 12:30 at night when they heard a scream from the woods and stopped to investigate. They hiked up a trail several miles, using their flashlights. At one point they found several whitish piles of manure, about 30 in a 15 foot area, about 3 inches around, and the droppings had maple leaves in them. Then they heard something in the deep brush in a canyon shaking the trees and stomping on the ground. Suddenly whatever it was, charged up the hill, snorting and screaming, and they ran back up the trail to the car and got out of there. He had fired his .22 in the air to scare the thing off and then all hell broke loose as what was apparently a family of 6-8 creatures started coming up the hill, and

Source: The Track Record #42
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