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Date:August , 1974
Douglas county, OR
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Description of event: Steve & Jean Fitzgerald & children Dan
(16) & Gloria (9) / While holidaying on remote campground, saw Bigfeet several times. They were apparently curious, and watched the family, often coming around at night. Once when gathering wood, Jean found herself face to face with a Bigfoot and fainted.

The Eugene Register-Guard
November 18, 1975

Woman wants protection for Bigfoot
She says she's seen nine at one time

ROSEBURG (UPI)A woman who says she and her family have seen the legendary Sasquatch on numerous occasions over the past two summer (sic) things the time has come for state and federal legislation to protect the creature.

Jean Fitzgerald, Roseburg, is incensed by the increasing efforts to kill or capture one of the apelike creatures whose existence has been debated for decades.

"They proved to us they don't mean any harm," she said. "Each time we saw them, they were as curious about us as we were about them."

She has written Oregon Gov. Robert Straub seeking his help in getting legislative action to protect Bigfoot,as the creature is known in some areas.

"I would like to see the governor step in and help make it illegal to capture or kill one," she said.

"He could have killed us many, many time (sic) over the past two summers if he so desired," she said. "He's so huge he could have done almost anything he wanted to."

Mrs. Fitzgerald describes the creature she and her family have seen as "about nine feet tall, covered with short black hair, except for the face, hands and feet" which, she says, are dark brown and like "weather-beaten leather".

She says the creature has "high cheek bones and a flat nose and hands like a human's - except that the thumb is the same length as the fingers."

She and her family report seeing as many as nine of the creature at one time.

Her son, Danny, 15, who says he has suffered ridicule at the hands of his classmates over his reported sightings, disagrees with his mother about the capture of one of the creatures.

"I'd like to see somebody bring one in so it could be proven once and for all," he says.

Danny says he's seen as many as six of the Sasquatch "leisurely walking across the road in order, the tallest first, down to the smallest."

The youngster describes the sound made by the creatures as "like a coach's whistle high pitched, except the whistle was being blown down a tube and amplified."

Jean's husband, Steve, leaves the distinct impression he's prefer not to talk too much about this experiences with the Sasquatch, but says he once left a candy bar for the creature, then hid nearby and watched the Sasquatch eat the bar, wrapper and all.

"My key concern is that eventually someone is going to kill or capture on of these creatures before officials can be convinces to pass laws to protect them," Mrs. Fitzgerald says,

While she awaits protective legislation, she says, "Every time we see his footprints we destroy them so some Bigfoot hunter won't stumble across them."

Source: The Bigfoot Casebook
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