S of Tenmile near Roseburg - Black BF chased boys along ridge

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Date:October , 1959
Douglas county, OR
Nearest town:
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south of Tenmile


Description of event: Black BF came up hill after two boys, chased them along ridge. They said at least 12' tall. Apelike face, very heavy, bowlegged. Seemed to be herding them away rather than trying to catch them. Arms outspread. Very long hair on forearms. Older boy shot it seven times with a 30.06 It slumped twice until its knuckles hit the ground but kept coming and didn't seem to lose its temper. It screamed, "like a cat, but louder". Younger boy also shot with a smaller gun. They then ran and didn't see when it stopped following them. The tracks found later were strange: 5 toes, 8" wide across toes, 11 1/2" long, 4 3/4" across heel. Sank 1". Found bed 12' in diameter in meadow, strong smell. Uphill, some prints sank 14" in wet ground, man only 2-3" by jumping. The boy who did the shooting was considered an expert hunter.

Source: The Sasquatch File, John Green p. 19
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