Vinegar Hill - Tracks found, mention made of mines in the area file# 00195


Date:October , 1993, 1994
Grant county, OR
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Description of event: Cousins Jeremey and Steve Anderson were elk hunting on Vinegar Hill (T10S R34E, 8170 ft.), in October, 1993. There was a large muddy spot along the creek, and 5 Bigfoot tracks leading into it. They measured 20 in. long, and were spaced far apart (not measured). Last elk bow hunting season, fall 1994, they were in the same area when a very loud "eeek!" sound was heard,
and they both dashed back to camp. This was during the daytime about 2 PM.
At sunset, Jeremey noticed motion by a bush and between three trees, saw a
shaded dark something move through the trees. It was human, erect, pretty
tall - guess 6 1/2- 7 feet, and he thought at first it was his brother. The
area is honey-combed with mines (if these creatures use them). My map shows:
Morris, Morning, Sunrise, Tiger, and Tempest mines close to Vinegar Hill.
Later in the day, other campers came to the area, and they neither heard nor
saw anything else unusual. Larry Lund has a video tape of this meeting.

Source: The Track Record #48
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