Sherwood Forest Camp - Single 17" track found file# 00198


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Hood River county, OR
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Description of event: Christina Taylor reported she and her fiancee were driving south out of Hood River, OR, on Hy. 35, and stopped south of Sherwood Forest Camp (T2S R10E- creek to the west) on the east slope of Mt. Hood. They found a single track in soft ground, one inch deep. They used a stick (took it home) to measure the length at 17 inches, the toes were apparent. Maximum width was not measured, but she guessed at 6-7 inches. The area was covered in small sticks and pine needles. No other tracks were found, but one area might have had an impression. The lead was from Tod Deery of the Bigfoot Research Project. TR#41, Sept. 1994, had a report from nearby Polallie Camp area. Again, a single foot print was found on the trail. In earlier issue, Peter Byrne theorized that Bigfoot goes out of his way to not leave tracks. Tod Deery was also the host at the 2/26 pre-meeting dinner, representing the Bigfoot Research Project.

Source: The Track Record #44
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