Bear Springs Ranger Station near Mt. Hood - Elk hunters see creatures tearing chunks of meat from a dead elk file# 00200


Date:October or November , 1987
Hood River county, OR
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Description of event: Vic McDaniel is a Klamath-Chinook Indian with woods savvy. Four years ago he and his companions; Uncle Buddy Parazoo, brother Louis, and Frenchy Spinal of Warm Springs, now deceased, were elk hunting in season, Oct.-Nov. The group had all left the main road at the Bear Springs Ranger Station near Mt. Hood, and cut across the ridges to the McQuinn Strip 1972 addition of the Warm Springs Reservation. What they saw there both amazed and scared them. In the meadow 800 yards away were two Bigfeet. They had apparently killed an elk, and were tearing off chunks and eating. Shortly another came out of the brush to join the group, and later another. Three were in the 7 foot range, and there was another smaller one maybe 5 feet high. There was good viewing as the party watched the action through their rifle scopes. Concerned for their own safety though, they retreated, worried that if critters that size could so easily down and kill an elk, they might want them on their menu for dessert. On the hike out, Uncle Buddy told of a friend who had seen bigfeet herding deer for the kill (a high protein diet would help to maintain their bulk, strength, agility, and high speed). Uncle Buddy also told of another time he had seen the monsters. With a companion (Vic didn't know where), Buddy had been hunting deer. After a fatal shot was fired and the deer went down, a bigfoot challenged them for the carcass. It was said that the beast would charge and stop, shaking its arms and "umming." It did this a number of times, and finally the pair of hunters left the deer to the monster, leaving hurriedly.

These observations are interesting in that, due to the "chuckle barrier" Indians often won't tell whites about their strange experiences in the woods, knowing they will be laughed at. There was another interesting tale of Bigfoot running down a deer and breaking its spine...sounds like they're pretty speedy. Vic has other tales that will be published at another time.

Source: The Track Record #1
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