south of Bald Butte, near Parkdale - Vocalizations heard; hairy bipedal creature observed file# 00202


Date:August , 1982
Hood River county, OR
Nearest town:
Mt. Hood
Nearest road:
Hwy 35

It was just south of Bald Butte approximately 1 to 1 and half miles, 500 feet below surveyers ridge trail at about the 3000 foot level.


Description of event: Four of us guys decided to hike up the mountain for an adventure sort of speak and get to the top of the mountain and set up camp for a night. We loaded our essentials on our backs and took off walking. We started out at the State dept. shed just south of the community of Mt. Hood and walked east up the mountain. It was about 12 midnight when we started out I was raised in the area and spent most of my time as I was growing up in the hills and knew them like the back of my hand and we thought it would be fun to travel at night, just to be different. About two hours later we arrived two thirds of the way up the mountain side, I would say that we were about 500 feet below the summit and stoped to rest for a bit before makeing the top. It was 2:20 am if I remember right. As we were sitting there talking all of a sudden a very loud and piercing scream came from the ridge above us, two long sustained screams followed by a very powerfull growl needless to say we were scared to death and litterally ran down the mountain and did not stop until we had arrived at the Hiway and returned home. I have heard just about every thing that there is in the woods and I know it was not and elk, deer, bear, mountain lion ect... The best way I can describe the scream is that it sounded like the alarm on a fire station, it was that loud.

Source: BFRO
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