Silhouette seen by witness near Metolius River file# 00230


Date:June 15, 1994
Jefferson county, OR
Nearest town:
Nearest road:


3 miles w of camp monte on the metolius river 30 miles west of madras


Description of event: 0300 6/15/94 a large animal walked through our camp coming from deep cover. the sound indicated to me a large animal, not wishing to draw any ire, i left well enough alone and listened to it head on out. 0500 hours my camp mates compared notes with one actually accusing me of being the animal as he swears he saw a human silouette at the time we all heard the animal.0530 1 mile downstream i heard a loud commotion in the gravel of a 10 foot cut bank. thinking it was my friend i went to the sound only to smell a horrible smell. i threw a few rocks at the sound but nothing bolted like i think a normal animal would. the whole situation made my hair stand up. i camp and hunt the smell was nothing like any thing i had smelled much worse even than my old dog.

OTHER WITNESSES: drinking brandy by a camp fire

TIME AND CONDITIONS: 2:30am - 5:30am

ENVIRONMENT: second growth mixed forest of cedar and fir with ponderosa and think needle floor bottom of metolius river canyon 2100 foot elevation n 44 degrees 50 min n 122 degrees 50 min w

Source: BFRO
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