Man sees BF digging for ants, takes photos file# 00231


Date:June , 1974
Jefferson county, OR
Nearest town:
Warm Springs
Nearest road:



near Parker Creek, south end of reservation, base of Mt Jefferson


Description of event: Telling another friend in the Forestry Division about the incident, Ronnie learned that the friend, also in June 1974, had been in the southern area of the Warm Springs Reservation, near Parker Creek right at the base of Mt. Jefferson, (T10S R8E), on a project setting flags prior to trapping gophers. The friend said he saw what he thought at first was a bear digging up an ant pile, and that it had a human face and was covered with dirt and ants...the face was crawling with ants. He also took photos of the creature.

Source: The Track Record #42
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