Man sees Bigfoot splashing in lake through rifle scope file# 00233


Date:July , 1966
Jefferson county, OR
Nearest town:

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above Island Lake (T9S R8E Sec.


Description of event: Ronnie's first encounter with Bigfoot was in mid-July 1966 when he was with the Fish and Wildlife service. He was above Island Lake (T9S R8E Sec. 14), OR, north of Mt. Jefferson. He had gone up the steep trail to check on a fisherman. He first saw the fisherman through his rifle scope when we was 200 yards away. Oddly, a boulder was on the lake, and about 75 feet from the fisherman was a black Bigfoot splashing or fishing in the lake. They were apparently unaware of each other. Ronnie moved a bush, and the creature stared right at him before moving away, but not before Ronnie considered and discarded the thought of pulling the had a face he said. He later reported a Snowman sighting to the Fish and Wildlife Dept. (Have not heard from him since initial report...also no photos, Ray).

Source: The Track Record #42
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