Hwy 97, in Chemult - Witness heard loud highpitched whooping sound that echoed throughout the forest

Oregonbigfoot.com file# 00249


Date:September 25, 1996
Klamath county, OR
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On hwy. 97 across the street from a restaurant in Chemult Oregon.

pre-dawn hours


Description of event: I was sleeping in my big rig with the engine off and my alarm was set for 4:15 a.m. Somthing woke me up five minutes before I was supposed to get up. I got out of the truck to have a look around and saw nothing. I then got back into the truck when I heard a sound that made my skin crawl. It was a loud high pitched whooping sound that echoed throughout the forest. I have never heard anything like this before. About a year later me and my son were watching the Discovery chanel or The Learning Chanel about Bigfoot and they had what was supposedly the sound from a Bigfoot. It was the very same sound. And again it made my skin crawl and the hair on my neck stand up. My son thought it was very funny that his dad was standing on the couch like a scared old lady when we heard it. WAYNE HEARRELL

ENVIRONMENT: Pine forest.

Source: BFRO
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