Wright Meadows, old Klamath Reservation - While hunting,

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Date: , 1960
Klamath county, OR
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Description of event: Around 1960 several families were 'foot-hunting.' The men would go down into the brush and flush out the deer, and the women would shoot them, or come to help dress out a deer if they heard a shot. Mokie was feeding the kids a snack when all of a sudden a 'bear-like' animal came up out of a gully carrying something. Training the rifle scope on it she saw...a very hairy Bigfoot, his arms stretched out in front of him, and he was carrying a dead deer. It was a big deer she said...mule deer from that area run large. This was at Wright Meadows on the old Klamath Reservation, and the sighting was in the daytime, the early morning Mokie said. The Bigfoot finally disappeared down a dip, still carrying the deer.

Source: The Track Record #4
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