Near Sycan Butte - Roy Caddy tells of cave found, smelled file# 00261


Date: , unknown
Lake county, OR
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Description of event: Roy (Caddy) listening intently said he had found something similar. Near Sycan Butte over in Lake County of a rocky outcrop when he he was following a deer trail up the side of a rocky outcrop when he by chance came across a branch from the path, concealed behind 6-7' high brush. It was a good trail and led another 25 yards up to a rock ledge. The ledge, about 8' wide, narrower in spots...led to a cave, then on out to a rocky point. The entrance to the cave was 5' high, 8-10 ft wide, and looked like it opened up considerably inside, as far as he could tell from the outside where the light penetrated into the blackness. Roy didnlt have any light, but as he said the cave stunk of 'Bigfoot' throughout, it's doubtful he would have
gone in anyway. Me either! Outside the cave the rock dropped off on either
side, and Roy said there was a pile of bleached bones, again, some with meat
still on them, on the south slope, while to the north were great piles of
poop over the edge.

Source: The Track Record #3
record updated:2002-07-10 00:00:00