Sycan Marsh - Man shoots at 'eyes', 7' Bigfoot stands up screaming file# 00265


Date: , late 1970s
Lake county, OR
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Description of event: Roy and his friend Pete used to Pal around in Roy's spiffed up 4 wheel drive pick up truck. This is bac in his younger days he insists, back in the late 70's. It was a lot of fun to just drive around, especially in the middle of the night near Sycan Marsh, when they could spotlight deer, coyotes, and other nocturnal critters.This time, besides lots of deer, they spotted some big eyes 3-4 ft. from the ground, but spaced wide apart, and they looked like cat eyes, Roy said, slitted...and it kept glancing away. Roy's friend has a slight attitude problem, he says...because he just up and aimed the scope between the critters eyes and, "boom."

All of a sudden the critter stood up from behind the big bushes, and was 7-8' tall. It started shaking the bushes violently and screaming at them. Roy said they were scared "poopless", jumped into the truck, and got the hell out of there.'

Source: The Track Record #3
record updated:2002-07-10 00:00:00