Bob and I find tracks while out for a drive on our anniversary file# 00269


Date:April 17, 2000
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
Cottage Grove
Nearest road:
Gowdyville Rd

west of Cottage Grove


Description of event: View the track photos here

Our one year wedding anniversary was April 17, 2000. Bob rented a car because the Jeep was in the shop. After dinner, he surprised me by taking me up to our favorite bigfooting spot. :) We took the Gowdyville road. It was nearing dusk and we approached the freshly logged area where we had found possible tracks a couple of weeks before. Bob suddenly stops the car and points to the embankment on the right. We stop a lot along our drives in the woods in order to check impressions. They rarely amount to anything. But this night, we hit the jackpot. We had no camera with us, since the drive was a surprise, so we went back two nights later and took photos. There were six impressions in all, covering a distance of about 20 feet, going up an embankment. As you can see from the photos below, the stride (as measured from heel-to-toe) was 3 1/2 feet uphill and Bob can barely match it. The prints were 14" long and about 5" wide. There were no toe details.

The Gowdyville area has a history of sighting and footprint reports. A friend who works in the local grocery store told us that he and a friend were hunting up there a few years ago and found tracks. Another friend claims that his Mom kept horses just off of the Cottage Grove-Lorane road and that she heard screams coming from the Gowdyville area which spooked her horses.

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