Near Husband Lake, Three Sisters - J.W. sees a BF while on horseback file# 00273


Date: , 1994
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
McKenzie Bridge
Nearest road:




Description of event: J.W., who used to work for a geological service, had been on horseback in the summer of 1994, near Husband Lake, near Linton Meadow, accessible by where road 1624 ends, and 7 miles out the Cascade Crest Trail of mountainous Oregon. Along the swampy area fronted by a steep 400 foot cliff coming off Husband Mountain, he and a friend noticed a stump at the top of the ridge that moved. "it stood up there and watched us," It was at a ridiculous
angle, almost off balance, and leaning over the cliff edge to get a better
look at them. Then, in slow motion, almost so as not to be seen, it backed
up out of sight. It reappeared twice more further along the trail-once with
its foot resting on a boulder, and the horses were spooked, side-stepping
and dancing...they were in a hurry to get down the trail. As the creature
was silhouetted against the sky, with the sun behind it, they could not see
any detail, but said it was a big figure, twice the size of a man, heavily
muscled, and dark brown. J.W. stated that he believed there was a family of
them in the area (editor-I couldn't get a good reason for this idea).

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