Three Sisters Wilderness - Roy Caddy found tracks near truck after odd experience with friend file# 00276


Date:August , 1991
Lane county, OR
Nearest town:
McKenzie Bridge
Nearest road:





Description of event: Roy Caddy reports: "I met, and went into the woods near the Three Sisters Wilderness in August with a friend who's a psychic, and talks with BF." He lives in accordance with the ways of Bigfoot, and has had great success...Roy says his house is full of documentation. He does not want or need publicity...he already knows BF exists and doesn't need to prove anything to anybody.

In the woods Roy said he talked to BF, "he's a friend of can trust him...he's not gonna' hurt you (referring to, Roy s presence)." After 15 minutes of conversation in which BF replied each time to his friends conversation with a chirping, like birds.. "chirp, chirp:..chirp, chirp, chirp," Roy went, saying it sounded like the chirping came from a cavity. Not then, But Roy says his friend Evert plays the guitar and sings to BF.

Later back at the older style "ranch" type pick-up, Roy was amazed and excited to see all the footprints. His friend said, "I told you they were here." Roy never did actually see BF though.

Nearby there was a large area where the trees were completely bark or leaves. Roy didn't know what kind of trees they were, but thought BF had stripped and eaten all the bark and leaves. Roy showed me a section or young cedar trees near Bigfoot Mountain where the bark had been stripped away also (News #3).

Source: The Track Record #4
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