Bigfoot on back porch rummaging through trash file# 00304


Date:January , 1992
Lincoln county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:
Hwy 101


North of Cape Perpetua


Description of event: Steve also said that on January 6 or 7th of this year, his neighbor had a
startling visitor. Bigfoot came right up on her back porch, and was
rummaging through her garbage can when she looked to see what the noise was.
There are quite-a few bears in the area, but she said she knew it wasn't a
hear as she saw It's silhouette from only 5 feet away. It was 5'7" tall
(compared to her husband), and she was impressed with its large thick neck
(BF with a neck?). Her house is about 3 miles from Steve, and is by the
highway 101. They are an elderly couple, and have no dogs.

Source: The Track Record #12
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