Man sees Bigfoot run across private road file# 00305


Date:June , 1991
Lincoln county, OR
Nearest town:
Cape Perpetua
Nearest road:
private road


Description of event: Steve Maxwell of Yahats, OR, said in mid-June or early July, 1991, that
Bigfoot ran across a back road of the families 300 acres, located about a
mile North of Cape Perpetua near the coast. As he was driving down the
families private access road, somewhat behind some hikers some ways further
on, the creature ran across the road in front of them, into the dense
underbrush. Steve said he was impressed with the speed that the creature
appeared and disappeared. He described it as big, about 9 feet tall, brown,
quick, hair about 4-5 inches long, and it made no noise and there was no
smell noticed. There was one large print, he didn't measure it as it was too
blurred. It was late afternoon in the summer, about 4PM with plenty of light
left when he saw the creature. There are 4 dogs at his trailer that he keeps
chained, and he hasn't heard them acting up suspiciously. Steve and his dad
explored the forest area around the sighting and did find a small pile of
oyster shells mysteriously in the forest. He said they weren't old enough to
be an old Indian shell mound...these are common in coastal areas.

Source: The Track Record #12
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