Campers hear stomping, see eyes glowing file# 00308


Date:June , 2001
Linn county, OR
Nearest town:

Nearest road:


Lost Lake, near Three Sisters


Description of event: Activites of person(s) at the time of sighting:
Camping with family

What was observed:
The first night we were at Lost Lake, My cousin Heidi heard big stomping by her tent. Something big was walking by her side of the tent. She heard snorts. Later in the night she asked her Mom about it. They both got up to go to the bathrooms & when they got out of the tent my cousin screamed "Look there it is"! My cousin & her mom saw a pair of two glowing eyes. All they could see was the eyes because of the darkness. They ran close to the fire because it was coming towards them. Then it ran away into the night. In the morning my cousin got up & told me. I was so excited. I looked for tracks. I found one big human like track with a big thumb toe! I took a picture of it. It was probably about 15-16 inches. I wish I could have got a plaster cast of it though.

Source: Sasquatch Information Society
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